Madame – Il Bene Nel Male

Madame – Il Bene Nel Male Lyrics | Video

Lyrics (testo) Il Bene Nel Male – Madame (Sanremo 2023) Ti ho rivisto dopo tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto tempo Come previsto tu eri tanto, tanto, tanto, tanto bello Come un

CXLOE – Cheating on Myself  

CXLOE – Cheating on Myself Lyrics 

Lyrics Cheating on Myself – CXLOE I can’t tell Was it really worth all the hurt and hell Realise I’ve been wasting my all time on someone else Cheating on

Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again

Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Ghosts Again – Depeche Mode Wasted feelings Broken meanings Time is fleeting See what it brings Hellos, goodbyes, a thousand midnights Lost in sleepless lullabies Heaven’s dreaming Thoughtless thoughts,

Chiiild – Antidote

Chiiild – Antidote Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Antidote – Chiiild You go wherever that the lightnin’ goes I know you’re hurtin’, but it barely shows I wonder where you are when your eyes close You give