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  • Key Glock – Look At They Face | Lyrics 2020

    Yeah I heard them n**gas hating ‘Cause I’m up now I’ve been makin’ plays all day I touch down I remember them days I used to pray For a buss down Now look at they face Look at they face […]

  • Key Glock – Like Key | Lyrics 2019

    I asked this b**ch‚ she must like what she see, what she see Then she told me ain’t another like me, like me Naw‚ baby, ain’t no n**ga like Key, like Key Yeah‚ I’ma run it up ’til I’m deceased, […]

  • Key Glock – Monster | Lyrics 2019

    All  these cameras flashin’ And my diamonds dancin’ I  came out the slums I’m the one that made it happen Now I’m gettin’ back ends I used to get them bags in Came out the trenches Now a n**ga livin’ […]

  • Key Glock – Crazy | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Crazy” – Key Glock I start up my day, with a kush blunt to the face, uh Hop up in the AMG, do you wanna race Uh Ridin’ paper plates but I got expensive taste, yeah I’m a walkin’ bank […]

  • Key Glock – Dope | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Dope” – Key Glock Got a whole hundred rounds on the front and back seat Got a whole hundred racks in my Louis V brief B**ch, I’m cocky, I don’t speak, let my money talk for me Let her suck […]

  • Key Glock – Since 6ix | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Since 6ix” – Key Glock I was just 6, playin’ with sticks, yeah I ran it up, now I’m lit, yeah Now this young n**ga gettin’ rich, yeah I used to take s**t like the Grinch, yeah S**t don’t make […]

  • Young Dolph feat. Key Glock – Major | Lyric Video

    Lyrics “Major” – Young Dolph feat. Key Glock Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, break that down Ay, bruh, don’t get that s**t on my sheets, bruh Mobbin’ in the Bentley, smokin’ Moon Rocks Pocket full of motherf**kin’ blue, […]

  • Key Glock – Orville Redenbacher | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Orville Redenbacher” – Key Glock Young n**ga poppin, Orville Redenbacher Ice all on my collar, yeah, my money taller Ain’t no more Impalas, foreign push to start up Walk up in the party, pistol in my garment Uh, Big Glock, […]