Ashnikko – WEEDKILLER Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics WEEDKILLER – Ashnikko Twiddling my thumbs Yeah I been patient Lobotomize a b**ch Yeah their eyes vacant There’s nowhere to run In the simulation I’m having fun It’s a

Ashnikko – Worms

Ashnikko – Worms Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Worms – Ashnikko The world is burning, I got worms in my brain Gonna bleach my eyebrows, change my name The world is burning and I laugh at the

Ashnikko – Daisy

Ashnikko – Daisy Lyrics | Official Audio

Lyrics Daisy – Ashnikko You don’t wanna see me bratty Pet the kitty, call me catty Make your man call me daddy He talk too much, he’s too chatty CEO, I’m savvy Respect a