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  • Milky Chance – We Didn’t Make It To The Moon | Lyrics Audio

    You’re tellin’ me the moon Does not even spin around You’re tryna say the car we’re sittin’ in Don’t belong to gravity You keep sayin’ I don’t care ‘Cause I won’t join you goin’ there So I go flex like it’s better than there […]

  • Tokio Hotel – Chateau | Lyric Video 2019

    So we met on weekend Glad that you came by At cheteau we’re making no sense But we feel alive In the room getting undressed Just to make you smile A little dance a little romance Running out of time […]

  • Lionheart – When I Get Out | Lyrics Video 2019

    At seventeen I was kicking in doors Smokin hella ports Smash and grab Imma take what I can’t afford Get rich or die young and poor Get rich or die young and poor Go Seventeen years old Knowing I’m forever […]

  • Runtown – Redemption | Lyrics Video 2019

    You go give me hypertension o And na to give you all my attention o, baby Sho ma ride for me Oh baby, this na my confession o Give you love na my intention o, baby Sho ma ride for […]

  • Prince Royce, Zion & Lennox – Trampa | Lyrics Video

    Royce Quien la viera por ahí Parece una santica Pero ella no es así A esa dulce señorita Le encanta seducir Y después que te tiene ahí Te domina y te hace perder la cordura Por culpa de su cintura otro cae otra vez […]

  • Lbenj – OK BB | Lyrics Video 2019

    200 appels f Whatsappi wow Casse pas ma tête f Insta grow Rassi 3amer machakil a posto Tanti lahasa ki wlidi Toto Tshabini bayda9 ki 7alawiyat Nti o hadok li m3ahum rakom gha da7iyat .. dyali galbi ghali F3ayli ra […]