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  • iann dior – Good Day | Lyrics

    Lyrics Good Day – iann dior I’m out of my mind I’m out of my mind And I can’t take it I can’t take it Who are you to tell me who to be I be walking on the moon […]

  • James Smith – Say You’ll Stay | Lyrics

    Lyrics Say You’ll Stay – James Smith When it’s just the two of us You told me that I’m what you’ve always wanted But lately, love, if I’m being honest I think your promises are built to break My mistake […]

  • Gjiko – Çunat E Rrugës | Lyrics

    Lyrics Çunat E Rrugës – Gjiko Ju kisha thënë, mos mbani armë Se për tre sekonda, nuk mujda mi duru tre veta E pastaj, I durova, tridhjetë vjet burg Faleminderit Gjiko, është rrëfimi yt Çuna t’rrugës, çuna çuna t’rrugës Kqyre […]

  • Vin Jay – In Your Brain | Lyrics

    Lyrics In Your Brain – Vin Jay Hey Vin, what Why have you been avoiding me Wh-who is this You don’t remember me Let’s take a trip into your mind Tell ’em what you wanna say Why is you hiding You never talk about […]

  • Meek Mill feat. Roddy Ricch – Letter to Nipsey

    Lyrics Letter to Nipsey – Meek Mill feat. Roddy Ricch Yeah, I just left your viewing at the Staples Center Obama wrote you a letter, yeah, you made it n**ga I even heard you had some players to come to Vegas with us And […]

  • Lumïsade – RED | Lyrics 2020

    Lyrics RED – Lumïsade You’ve got me hooked on you I’m paralyzed by the way you move You put on quite a show You get me high with a single touch I feel alive with the way you love You’ve […]

  • Albert Vishi – Know Me Better | Lyrics

    Lyrics Know Me Better – Albert Vishi The move like that baby ‘Cause you’re holding all my senses But we can do it yo ay Yeah, yeah I’m lost in the blue of your eyes And i think I can’t escape But I […]

  • Ekali feat. Au/Ra – Drown | Lyrics

    Lyrics Drown – Ekali feat. Au/Ra Gravity, I can’t deny gravity ‘Cause I keep falling, oh silly me Energy, I’m wasting my energy Just striking matches you’ll never see Oh, your forces have made sure I’m blurring my focus now And all these emotions […]

  • Demi Lovato – Anyone | Lyrics

    Lyrics Anyone – Demi Lovato I tried to talk to my piano I tried to talk to my guitar Talked to my imagination Confided into alcohol I tried and tried and tried some more Told secrets ’til my voice was sore Tired of empty […]

  • Breaking Benjamin feat. Scooter Ward – Far Away

    Lyrics Far Away – Breaking Benjamin feat. Scooter Ward Hope start the heart Last beat and lie Cold walk the Earth Love faded white Gave up the war I realize All will become All will arise Stay with me I […]