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  • Felipe Peláez – A Portarme Mal | Lyrics Video

    Se me antojó Que te pongas el vestido Que me parte el alma el alma en dos Ay se me antojó No me aguanté Me he escapado del trabajo Pa’caerte en donde estés Ay no me aguanté Ya quiero verte […]

  • Juanes & Christian Nodal – Tequila | Lyrics Video

    Quedamos en nunca volver a hablar Sé que no debo molestarte Tal vez parece que estoy bien Pero no es cierto Me tomo un trago con mi soledad Con el segundo voy a alucinarte Con el tercero sé que voy […]

  • Kesha – My Own Dance | Lyrics Video 2019

    Woke up this morning, feeling myself Hungover as hell like 2012, f**k it We get it that you’ve been through a lot of s**t But life’s a b**ch, so come on, shake your tits and f**k it What’s a girl to do What’s a […]

  • A R I Z O N A – Still Alive | Lyrics Video 2019

    When all is fine You say, sooner or later You’re bound to catch one But I was born in fire Oh, I’ll be ready, ready Ready when it comes Oh, oh, I’ve been kicked around I’ve been in the dust, mmm Oh, oh, I […]

  • Hozier – Jackboot Jump | Lyrics Video 2019

    At Standing Rock the Jackboot Jump You’d swear was all the rage Whether tearing up old treaties Or just tearing up the place It’s always corporate infrastructure Over the structure of your face In Moscow the Jackboot show Has so much in store For […]

  • Amber Liu – Curiosity | Lyrics Video 2019

    You got me curious Every time you move That look mysterious And I enjoy the view Let’s make it serious We can’t let this be Take it any way you like Let’s take a dive Take the leap, I’ll follow you Put your hands […]

  • Eric Bellinger – Heaven Sent | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Heaven sent She nothing like them girls I met Her body is so excellent Hit it once, I been thinking ’bout it Ever since, ooh Heaven sent She nothing like them girls I met Her body is so excellent Hit it once, I […]

  • Rod Wave – Dark Clouds | Lyrics Video 2019

    Flushed all this percocets, why They wasn’t workin’ yet Quarter pound on my bus We finna murda that I was okay, but I been feeling sorrow Tonight Imma pray it’s better by tomorrow Say mama, hey mama I been feeling […]