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A$AP Rocky – Changes (Official Audio)

Lyrics for "Changes" performed by A$AP Rocky Changes I'm goin' through changes..④Always changin' faces I'm goin' through phases I'm goin' through changes Changes I'm goin' through changes All those changin' faces I'm goin' through phasesSo long since I've seen her, she can feel a…

A$AP Mob – Feels So Good (Music Video)

Lyrics for "Feels So Good" performed by A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Rocky, Ferg, Twelvyy and Ant I can't relate to none of you rappers are actors I swear that these ni*gas be fake F*ck out my face Way too much food on my plate for her to be actin' all stank Diamonds on bling We smoked out my bi*ch so…

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