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G-Eazy feat. Global Dan – Wasabi (Audio)

Lyrics for "Wasabi" performed by G-Eazy feat. Global Dan Green green wasabi Green green wasabi All this gold on my body Twenty hoes in my lobby Pullin' up in them cities Only hundreds and fifties, yeah Only hundreds and fifties, please Only hundreds and fifties, pleaseRockstar in my…

G-Eazy feat. RJ, Jay Ant – Over Me (Audio)

Lyrics for "Over Me" performed by G-Eazy feat. RJ and Jay Ant Bag secured, I only walk through if the cash right Finest VV'ses turn my wrist into a flashlight So even when it's dark out, I see you the hatin' ass type Divas layin' in my bed, let's talk about last nightThis is nothing new to…

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