Miley Cyrus – Island

Miley Cyrus – Island Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Island – Miley Cyrus I’m on an island, dirty dancing in the sun So close to heaven but so far from everyone Yeah, I’ve got treasures buried underneath the

Miley Cyrus – Handstand

Miley Cyrus – Handstand Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Handstand – Miley Cyrus We met each other on the neon dinghy Past the manta rays and palm trees Glowing creatures beamed down from great heights Electric eels in

Miley Cyrus – You

Miley Cyrus – You Lyrics

Lyrics You – Miley Cyrus I wanna set off alarms, deal out the cards Smoke Cuban cigars and get kicked outta bars before two But only if it’s with you

Miley Cyrus – Wonder Woman

Miley Cyrus – Wonder Woman Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Wonder Woman – Miley Cyrus She’s a wonder woman She knows what she likes Never know she’s broken ‘Cause she’s always flying She’s a million moments Lived a thousand