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  • Niki DeMar – Sad Holiday | Lyrics Video 2019

    It’s that special time of year With the streets lit through the night The radio is playin’ all Christmas songs People feel merry and bright I can’t wake up in the morning ‘Cause something doesn’t feel right Even though the holidays are coming I […]

  • Mark Stam – Waiting | Lyrics Video 2019

    Strollin in the car park Racing in shop carts all night Sippin that red wine Movin’ that red line outta sight Driving outta town Listening to sad songs Remember when you said Wish we’d never grow old We were drunk […]

  • 3LAU feat. XIRA – Tokyo | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’d move to Tokyo If that’s where you want to go Don’t have to go alone You can just let me know I’d move to Tokyo To London or Mexico Know that I said goodbye But can I still change […]

  • Smokepurpp – Audi 2 | Lyrics Video 2019

    I need a bag, f**k a b**ch Smokin’ biscotti and cookie, I mix Pop me a Perc’, f**k a b**ch She didn’t want me, she want me again.. If I step out, they want pics Let that lil’ ho suck the d**k like a […]

  • Steve Aoki, Sting & Shaed – 2 In A Million | Lyrics Video

    You said what are the chances We’d find each other Through all the madness I don’t need an answer I’ve always heard that These things just happen I know what you’re feelin’, I do ‘Cause you know I’m feelin’ it too No pill gets […]

  • Rich The Kid feat. Quavo – That’s Tuff | Lyric Video

    Rolls-Royce truck, that’s tuff You see the star when you look up Bad b**ch and she got put up Huncho in the back, cookin’ up That’s tuff, that’s tuff, that’s tuff That’s tuff, that’s tuff, that’s tuff That’s tuff, that’s tuff Baguettes and […]