Y.V.E. 48 – Big Sur (Radio Edit)

Y.V.E. 48Big Sur (Radio Edit) 

  Every November, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition that The Bearded Man and his closest associates (like Y.V.E. 48) go on an annual camping trip to Big Sur. But this ain’t no ordinary camping trip. We’re talking deep fryers plugged into generators, we’re talking bonfires by the beach, we’re talking pigs slowly cooking on coals buried in sand — it’s absolutely mental. For this occasion, this elite group of the world’s most awesome citizens aren’t allowed to bring amplifiers of any kind. No boomboxes, no radios, no music playing apparatuses except one: the humble guitar. The Bearded Man believes if one of his records doesn’t sound good when strummed on the beach on a starry night with just a rough voice and a six-string, then it’s not really a record at all, is it?

➤ Armada Music 2016

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