Youth Fountain – Ache (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Ache” by Youth Fountain

There’s an aching that’s been holding me back well
Over this decade
So I’ll put together the right words
You’ll somehow feel the same

Fill up the page, from the heart I’ll portray
As I’m running out of space
That’s just the way it goes I guess
Alone like me, putting your former self to rest

Put me to rest
Put me to rest..
Put me to rest..

What strength does this even prove that I have
To keep pushing on, while trying not to bleed out in the bath
Like these same f**king cards that have been left in my hands
You can’t choose the life you get
I wish I could be somebody else

Put me to rest
Put me to rest..
Put me to rest..

Put me to rest…

➤ Album: Letters to Our Former Selves
Youth Fountain 2019

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