YoungStarBrazy ft. Kosha Harris, Big Zaydoe – Six One Four Lyrics 

Lyrics Six One Four – YoungStarBrazy feat. Kosha Harris, Big Zaydoe

I got gas in
I got pack in
B**ches playin games
Told dat lil b**ch
This ain’t pacman
You say you gone snap
Imma really show you snap den
Dracos got dem macs in
N**gas get tah blastin

We from buck town n**ga


YoungStarBrazy Verse
N**gas false flaggin
Y’all false claimin
You ain’t really bout it just stop

Yo stop cappin
Y’all not bangin
Y’all not active Y’all not

Y’all gossipin for da bops
Better stop lackin get caught

I walked em down for his fetti wap
And I walked him down for his Glock


I’ll stomp em out
I’ll air em out
Go in his mouth
No sparein em

Swear to god b**ch I’m Darin em
He talkin tough I ain’t hearin em
Give a f**k about yo street cred
On god an em I ain’t fearin em
Got squad an em we can take it there
Wit gang and em
We put fear in em

Big Zaydoe
I know damn well
Her love ain’t real
She want Gucci
And new Chanel
My new b**ch
Super fly ass hell
I took her ass
Out h&m
2020 this my year
I spent a checc on
Shortys hair
I ain’t cuffing
I ain’t playing fair
Bag her through
These cartiers

Her n**ga he can’t fucc
With me
I’m who that n**ga
Wanna bae
She squirting
When she’s fuccing me
I dog s**t
Ain’t no trusting me
He fronting
He ain’t busting me
Number 6 he
Gon bust At ease
That n**ga dead
Thought he was a beast
KD gon rocc
That boy to sleep

My youngings
They gon walk em down
Head shot now
They done
Chalked em out
To old to go
Shoot up a house
Wait In the bushes
X em out
The h*es they love
To checc me out
They ain’t want me
They texting now
Hoes was curving
They fuccing now
She would diss Me
I’m in her mouth

Kosha Harris
Shawty dunk sum vicious
Gotta lump sum figure
223s take em out
And this ain’t no dinner
I get peso n**ga
She so fyago n**ga
She might f**k around
And get put on the payroll n**ga
1500 on these loubs
F**k it I ain’t have s**t lose
N this a jungle not a zoo
Where these animals think you food

We got lions, we got apes
We got panthers, leopards and snakes
And they’ll be dancing in yo face
You won’t know until it’s too late
All this sauсe that I got on me
She seen it and took the bait
She call yo phone to tell you link
Then I rob you for all yo weight
P**sy boy I need it all
Had to get yah gone for the cause
I take her home and f**k her off
Then she suck me off wit the gloss

➤ Written by Niles Anderson
Produced by Wyshmaster
YoungStarBrazy | Kosha Harris | Big Zaydoe | 2020

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