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Lyrics Help Me Breathe – Young Thug feat. Future

Wheezy outta here..

Drop to my knees, beggin’ you, please
Lickin’ my teeth, call the police
I’m searchin’ for peace, nuttin’ three or four times
Automatic drapes gonna wake you, no blinds
You’re my mommy, yes I know, ma

Someone call the officer, lift the blouse on her
Skinny dippin’ with me and the shoes came first
2020 Bentley and it’s all for her
Keep it pimpin’ with me and we both say, church
I did Oxycontin for the first time
Better hide your wifey, I’m on thirst time
Jewelry on me icey, I’m on surf time
Fall to my knees

You helpin’ me to breathe, yeah..⑤
You helpin’ me to breathe, yeah..⑤
You helpin’ me to breathe, baby, yeah
You helpin’ me to breathe

Yeah, yeah, Future Hendrix..
Helpin’ me breathe
You weaken my knees
Got your Cubans obese
Makin’ it hard for you to leaνe

Popped a pill just to count this money, I been up for a week
I bought Prada ’cause I’m proud of you to keep it a G, yeah
Cleanin’ up fresh new designer, I’m goin’ to surf
I’ll let you hit two cups of lean, then it’s church
Broke down my bells, you were right there baggin’ my bowls up
Some red bottoms for you like it’s a dozen of roses
Cop the Eliantte too, top tiers lookin’ like boulders
I’m snatchin’ up that coupe for you, put Ferrari on your motor, girl
Snatchin’ up that new foreign that pretty girl in the morning

I done tried these shrooms, but you already rollin’
Took you ‘cross the moon, you on the left
When you high, and you jet fly, money storm in
I know you photogenic Monday through Sunday
I’m keepin’ my eyes on you, you iconic

You helpin’ me to breathe, yeah..⑤
You helpin’ me to breathe, yeah..⑤
You helpin’ me to breathe, baby
You helpin’ me to breathe

Don’t make me suffer if it’s nothin’
Without my heart, there’s a chance I could die
I’ll help no opp, some chance I could die
I’m gettin’ ’bout high as that I’ma touch the sky
Comin’ from the projects, most of these b**ches shiesty
But you helpin’ me to breathe
You helpin’ me to breathe…

➤ Written by Kevin Wales, Teezio, Stevie J, Daron Jones, Wheezy, Ambezza, Sean Momberger & Young Thug
Album: Slime & B
Produced by Ambezza, Sean Momberger & Wheezy
Young Thug | Future | 2020

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