Young Thug feat. Elton John – High (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics “High” / Young Thug feat. Elton John

And I’m gonna be hi-i-i-gh
I’m a rocket man, I’m a rocket man, hey
And I’m gonna be hi-i-i-igh
I’m a rocket man

I land by my side, different land for my kind
Spend ol’ bands for my pa
Spend ol’ bands for my mother
Got a plan for my brother
Chanel bag for my lover
F**k them ol’ n**gas, they ol’ suckas
They tellin’ on one another

I want a train, let’s run a train
If she wan’ bang then let her bang
He said he bleeding, where the stain
My b**ch at the top of food chains
They local, I don’t even know the name
I been fresh since a kid, ain’t never plain
I just picked up a bag and robbed a dame
I’ma whip out the MAC and pop ya brain

I do what I want and shawty can’t
I do what I feel and shawty cannot
I’m diggin’, I digg and shawty layin’
And all of the b**ches say they digg that
From Maine way to Spain
All I got is a chicken for the thots
I take off like a plane

And I’m gonna be high
Like a rocket man, hey
Like a rocket man, he-ey
And I’m gonna be hi-i-igh
I’m a rocket man
High as a plane From Spain to Maine
Know what I’m sayin’ Damn

On a private order
I’m a rocket launcher
You gotta be the pride of something
I bought that metal stumbling
I stumble upon a mil’
I stumble upon a million five
I spent a fortune all on double seals
If I tell you the numbers you’ll probably cry

If I tell you you fake then you’ll probably die
These days if he say that he hit then he probably lyin’
If you say you got wings and some fish then you probably fried
Got my karats out of Bonnie & Clyde

She let me back in like she never cried
She let me back in like I never lied
I look like a cat with eleven lives
I really kick s**t you can ask a fly

I’m steady chasing like I’m never tired
I’m living scary like a haunted house
Lil mama sexy, I got butterflies, hey

And I’m gonna be hi-i-iigh
I’m a rocket man
I’m the rocket man, hey
And I’m gonna be hi-i-i-igh-igh, yea-yeah
I’m a rocket man, ye-yea-yea-yeaah

And I’m gonna be high
I’m a rocket man…

➤ Produced by Stelios Phili
Album: On the Rvn
Young Thug & Elton John 2018

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