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Lyrics No Sense – Young Dolph feat. Key Glock

Skinny-ass n**ga in some big Balenciagas
My girl was mad at him so I took the b**ch shoppin’
Drankin’ champagne, spend the racks all in Prada
Everybody know that he a big s**t popper

Smokin’ ice cream, rollin’ on some peach cobbler
Hitters on the payroll and a couple doctors
Why the f**k you think I pour up all of this Wockhardt
Hit the alarm on the ‘Rari and it go


Park the ‘Rari, jump in the Challenger
Feds watchin’ me so I scramble ’em
Had your b**ch at the room, but I had to put out
She too freaky, nah, I couldn’t handle her

My young n**gas walk around with chandeliers
Yeah, chandelier the s**t Khaled talkin’ ’bout
Dolph hit the club, then the b**ches comin’ out
I heard the opps in the club, n**ga, point ’em out

N**ga, stop all that hidin’ and runnin’ ’round
I make your broke-ass brother gun you down
Damn, you too thick, girl, turn around
Lemme smack it one time and see how it sound
Millionaire but I make my boy lay you down
They don’t give a f**k, they don’t play around
Somebody text me, so I look down
My b**ch waitin’ on me in a Gabbana gown

Yeah, b**ch, I still wear Gucci
I’m chillin’ with a groupie
Beatin’ up her coochie
Uh, Glizock, my life a movie
Guess who shoot it
Your b**ch, I do’s it


Uh, ballin’ real hard
No recruiting, yuh
Paper Route winnin’
Never losin’, uh
Before I drop the top
I been ruthless, yuh
Giνe it to ’em raw like sushi, uh

Yuh, yuh, still goin’ dumb , uh
Mr. Glock, the baguette don, yeah
Exotic smoke in my lungs, uh
I really came out of them slums
I’m finna buy me a house with a pond
Yeah, and I put this s**t on my moms, yeah
I think I was born with a gun

I’m a son of a gun, uh
B**ch, you know where I’m from, yeah
South Memphis, filled up with villains and gremlins
Lil’ n**gas with extensions on guns, yeah
Don’t play with the kid, you know how I get
I get that s**t done, uh
Maybach on my wrist, this young n**ga lit
And a Porsche on my guns , duh

S**t don’t make no sense
This s**t don’t make no sense
This s**t don’t make no sense
S**t don’t make no sense
S**t don’t make no sense

➤ Written by Young Dolph & Key Glock
Album: Rich Slave
Produced by Supah Mario & Cassius Jay
Young Dolph | Key Glock | 2020

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