YOB – Our Raw Heart (Music Audio Visualizer)

Lyrics “Our Raw Heart ” by YOB

Sent unto the shore
Every grain of sand
Rivers quicken remembrance
Carried by a grace
Running in our veins

Ashes within clay
Shaped upon an earthen wheel
Pour into this vessel
Drained and filled again
Temple to a nameless soul
Beckoning my restless ghost

From holes in my gut
To love from miracles
Silver climbed the walls
Eyeless looking on
It’s looking still

Drawn by a mortal thread
To an ever shifting weave
Known better by my bones
Than my eyes can see
Shrine to a silent call
Beckoning my restless ghost

Nothing left behind
Through my dark inside
The raw within

Sent reverence
For what has been given
In this shared life
The raw within…

➤ Album: Our Raw Heart
YOB 2018

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