Yo Gotti – Customs (Official Music Video)

Lyrics for “Customs” performed by Yo Gotti

Ay, Zay, I’ve been takin’ this sh*t all out the country, ya heard me
Yeah, yeah, they f*ck with dopeboys all over the country, ya heard me, look
I’ve been all around the world tryna put us on the map
Ayy, they really f*ck with us, like, in other countries and sh*t
They like the way we talk and sh*t

I’ve been all around the world tryna put us on the map
I just got back from Dubai, they really f*ckin’ with the trap
I just got back from U.K., I asked that n*gga for a strap
What’d he say..

He said, you ain’t like them other n*ggas who rap
I said, I know I ain’t
I just went to Film Festival, took my mans, free my dawg
Don’t make me f*ck your b*tch and take that ho to Cannes with me
I like beaches, but I still bring the sand with me
I went to Paris, took a cool $300 grand with me

International Gotti, like my hoes exotic
Went and got a passport in case I catch a body
I got Euros, I got Pounds, I’m a foreign hustler
The only thing I hate about it’s when I go through customs

Yeah, yeah, too many questions when I come back from a medical
I got that medical
I don’t do no misdemeanors, my sh*t Federal
Took a trip to Medellín, that sh*t was hella snow
No winter, I’m talkin’ hella dope
Jimmy Henchman sent that sh*t through Interscope
Tony Montana put it on a banana boat
Seen the Coast Guard, threw it over, and let it float

Yeah, at the top of … right now
Ayy you know what I’m sayin’, like
Growin’ up we never thought like we could really leave the hood, like
Lookin’ down on you n*ggas, literally
Our zip code
Yeah, uh

Everything illusion, uh, don’t get confused with
This sh*t you f*ck with to trap, but end up abusin’
Life good, n*gga, brand strong, price high
Look at your life, n*gga, money down, lights high
When blogs mention you sayin’ that Gotti into you
Took you to different temperatures, yeah I like every inch of you

Youngsta ’bout to drop (drop), I’m ridin’ in a drop
You tryna buy a watch (watch), I’m tryna buy the block
My lil’ n*gga got a liger, tiger mixed with lion
Your lil’ n*gga’s vision small, his OG’s were lyin’
Yeah, you were raised to fail, free Meek from jail
The streets gon’ hold you down, my n*gga, you bound to prevail

Ayy, last time we were over here, I think me, you and Cardi B
Were stayin’ at the Versace and sh*t
It was my birthday, your birthday, we went up, yeah

Middle of the desert, sh*t feel like my hood
When the plug ain’t come, no insufficient funds
I got a black card, but I keep a hundred grand
In a rubber band in honor of the dopeman

First London, then Dubai, then I went to France
I want a Chinese b*tch, I may go to Japan
Young rich prince n*gga, from sellin’ yay
I’m just wanted, n*gga, CM10 on the way…

➤ Album: CM10
Yo Gotti 2018

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