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Lyrics Austin Powers – YN JAY

I just hit the road
With some dog and brought food back
Hit the road with some, and brought blues back
Walked in with a suit and tie, they think blues back
On the road high as hell, like I flew back

I can’t wait to make it out the hood, I’ma move back
Walkin’ with the city on my, I got a bruised back
N**ga had a gun but it jammed, he can’t shoot back
I just put my b**ch out my class, they think school back


How the f**k you thick with no ass
How the f**k you thick with no ass
You got a smooth back
I be out in Cali in the..
I be out in Cali in December, they think June back

Austin Powers, all I wanted was my groove back
I put you on your feet, all I wanted was my shoes back
All I wanted was my blues back
All I want is my blues
All I want, all I wanted was my blues
All I want is my.. Austin Powers, Austin Powers
All I wanted was my groove back

Left my lil cousin at the crib, ’cause he do too much
Custo almost dropped dead, say she ooh too much
I can tell the way she throwin’ ass, she got a dookie butt
B**ch walkin’ with her cat out, put the coochie up

B**ch you gotta let my n**ga hit you, that’s my coochie friend
B**ch been sittin’ in the sun too long, she got a coochie tan
B**ch blow air bubbles out her cat, she got a coochie fan
I can see your p**sy through your leggings, that’s a coochie scan


Oh, that was your b**ch, damn I didn’t know
I was high off lean, left wrap the stove
Cookin’ in the kitchen, left it on the stove

B**ch I’m next up, they tryna steal my flow
Cornerback your b**ch, I’ll steal your h*e
Oh, that was your b**сh, but she still my h*e
Let me f**k your face, I can feel your throat
I just hit his b**ch, and he still don’t know
Put some water on the plant, but it still ain’t grow

My new b**ch cold as hell, but it still ain’t snow
I just blew like 50 thousand, but I still ain’t broke
Which one of these h*es I’m ’bout to f**k, no I still don’t know
Which one of these h*es I’m ’bout to f**k right after my show
Which one of these h*es, I don’t know, I don’t even know
I don’t even know, I don’t even know…

➤ Written by YN Jay
Album: Watch This
Produced by J X L A N
YN Jay | 2020

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