YFN Lucci – 7.62 Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics 7.62 – YFN Lucci

Pipe that s**t up TnT
Dmac on the f**kin’ track
I say, uh, oh, yeah, look

In the back of the Benz, I just got it painted
The grill gold-plated, my crib still gated
But we ain’t used to have not a dollar, who gon’ take it
Robberies in Grand Theft Auto, I can’t fake it

They told me don’t be trippin’ about it, I can’t save it
A whole lotta bring problems
But if a n**ga play, we gon’ get him murdered tomorrow
Wanna see me demonstrate
’87 tea top Cultey, put it on the interstate
Solitaire .., they can’t even see my face
These h*es they want me to chase
I don’t keep my sneakers laced
I don’t ride .. my key can’t go to no valet
Flew my cars out to LA

I saw so many posin’ and b**ch we gon’ need to vacate
We been off for some decades
Look, smokin’ grade A, but in school I got low grades
Get that boy a box of perfume, he got ..
Look, throw that boy a 7.62, we don’t throw shade
I hope everyone don’t hit you, not partly

Look, I’ma die, in these Cuban links, I feel like ..
Walk through ’em, want me to call through, that’s a role
Look, what you gonna do when the money through, shorty
Don’t keep tellin’ me what you gon’ do for me
Okay, yeah, only talk about s**t that I go through, I ain’t phony
You gon’ do, what The Who, I ain’t homie
Lab man, he got .. by the

Ain’t no cappin’, I spent you advance on little homie
We gon’ get it .. we don’t land til the morning, huh
Matter fact, gon’ hit ’em up while I’m performin’, huh
I just got another grill, call me George Foreman, huh
I just got another mil’ and I ain’t even hungry, huh
How you n**gas do it, b**ch you worser than a woman, huh
Anybody get it n**ga, show me my opponent, huh
I be in the newest s**t, I introduce you to this
I put you on my shooter list, f**k it, let me do the b**ch
I been goin’ through some s**t, flip out, give the Juul a hit

On the one like Chris child, we don’t sip on no Christ style
I remember ridin’ ’round in that bucket
When we was in that Nissan, they didn’t give me nothin’
When I was f**ked up my own b**ch wouldn’t even love me
When I ain’t have my swagger right the h*e wouldn’t even f**k me

I be on some feed the fam s**t, I know my momma proud of me
I know that .. real good, I just can’t put down the s**t
I do it real big, but they don’t acknowledge it
Look at where I live
You know I cash that on it, a condo and a crib
I pay more than 1.5 for it

Every day I spend some s**t, every thing I’m in be lit
Everything I thing about it, I be tryna spend some s**t
Long live all of my n**gas where we done came
Hater, I gotta talk to you in the graveyard…

➤ Written by YFN Lucci
Album: HIStory
Produced by TnTXD & Dmac
YFN Lucci | 2019

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