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Lyrics “TM3 (Trunk Muzik 3)” – Yelawolf

Trunk Muzik, Trunk Muzik 3
Ala-f**king-bama, Trunk Muzik
Slumerican, Shady, Trunk Muzik
Supahot Beatz
And we still bumpin’ that Trunk, b**ch

I take a piss in that bottle, throw that b**ch at your papa
Smoke flyin’ off the chopper and it’s chokin’ your mama
She can’t breathe with this funk, what I conceive in the trunk
They disbelieve in the son, b**ch, best believe I’m the one
I got that bump in the back with the box bodies
Creekwater until I’m walkin’ wobbly
I’m a businessman, I don’t keep it political
F**k the world and I’m not sorry


The priest was thinkin’ I’m Illuminati
‘Cause Eminem is a close kin
He might as well be ’cause I give ’em hell
For that white bread, put the toast in
Not simply a rapper, but I snap like a crispy cracker
When I peel the pages out the book and hook it
That’s a life story, no empty chapters
Pull up on ’em in the ’59, shinin’ like a trailer park king
Let the boots take a walk
Alligator how I lived, a pile of what I made into the fade is
Choppin’ like me shouldda been a law

Trunk, shake it, trunk, trunk, shake it
Trunk, shake it, trunk, trunk, shake it, shake it..②

Money pilin’ up, I ain’t got s**t to do
We hit the bar and settled up a $20 tab
I left her peein’ drunk and walkin’ out the back without a ride
I’m even bein’ smart enough to get an Uber
Go to Hooters, takin’ double shooters
Throw a lot of Hooters, hit the alleyway and paddle
My way over to the studio, I’m travelin’, a mover
Head rattlin’, I’m at church with the newer God
On another level, b**ch, better grab a ruler
Quarter back of anything slum and I’m throwin’ bullets
Could’ve been a stylist, you admire this mullet
Wanna catch a vibe, then take a violent bullet
Walk a country mile and take a ride in my Gillet
For the 808s up under the bench of the Chevy
For the Bettys gettin’ ready
Throwin’ the confetti, hittin’ the powder heavy, uh

Catfish deep gettin’ heady, alien s**t for my ship, SETI
And it’s a walk in the park when I’m talkin’ the talk, like walkin’ a dog
No leash for the beast, no caution at all
Be alert if the dog starts barkin’ at y’all
‘Cause I’m a marvelous s**t starter
I’m poppin’ a hit, causin’ the market to flip harder
A product of rock and roll
These suckers just pickpocket the creative profit
And go remake it to make a dollar


Trunk, shake it, trunk, trunk, shake it
Trunk, shake it, trunk, trunk, shake it, shake it..②

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..
Trunk Muzik
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..
Trunk Muzik
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Trunk Muzik
Uh, uh, uh.. Trunk Muzik…

➤ Written by DJ Klever, WLPWR & Yelawolf
Album: Trunk Muzik 3
Produced by WLPWR
Yelawolf & DJ Klever 2019

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