YBN Manny – Manned Up (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Manned Up” / YBN Manny

From the east side of that Bama
Spent plenty nights in that slammer
Now me and the guys goin’ hammer
YBN, we got our bands up

That other boy Frank can’t stand us
Tell that broke boy get his bands
Funny guy, you should do stand up
Gotta grind the times I was jammed up

Everybody ’round me fanned up
You should ask the last guy who ran up
Got a killtec wit’ a big drum versuri.online
So it’s kinda hard for me to keep my pants up

Gettin’ to a check ’til my thighs burn
From all the bands I done ran up
Lookie I made it, I’m manned up
Lookie I made it, I’m manned up

Chip on my shoulder, I’m flexed up
I thought I told you I’m next up
Okay now one .. so check us
We don’t shoot nothin’ but neck up
Free big shiggy, that neck up
AP be rippin’ your flesh up
I know you don’t want no pressure
You boys gon’ fold when there’s pressure

Scrapin’ that pot ’cause I need all my extras
Don’t put the feen on a stretcher
I’ma a deep boy, what you need is my pleasure
Pass go for 13, I’ma bless you
Run off with a P, I’ma stretch you
Do your ass fire when I catch you
Lookie I made it, I’m flexed up
Lookie I made it, I’m flexed up

Lookie I made it, I’m flexed up..③
Lookie I made it, I’m flexed…

➤ Produced by DeCicco Beats
YBN Manny 2018

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