XXXTENTACION feat. Travis Scott – Smash (Lyrics)

Lyrics “Smash” by XXXTENTACION feat. Travis Scott (snippet)

Go-gotta smash (gotta smash)

All spinned jaw, really, like 11, 8
All Bacardi, yeah, all over my b*tch’s face
She just got a pearl, because a n*gga paid
Put her in the past, ’cause you know

Yeah, you know, I smashed
Yeah, I smashed, yeah
Shawty let me smash
So I put her in her past, yeah

I put her in her past
Yeah I smashed, yeah
Yeah you know, I smashed
So I put her in her past, yeah…

➤ Produced by Smash David
XXXTENTACION & Travis Scott 2018

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