XXXTENTACION – The Boy With The Black Eyes (Lyrics)

Lyrics “The Boy With The Black Eyes” by XXXTENTACION

Yeah, the evolution is near
The brains will start to abandon their religions
And believe in themselves
And the new world order will start

Yeah, I’ll behead a motherf*cker for his contacts
Take the body where the others can’t see
Seen the devil in my eyes without the contacts
My eyes will blacken in the bottom of the sea

Let that motherf*cker
Ayy, prophecies and crucifixion
That way I been searching
So see ’em work with other b*tches

Black and white the dark night
That’s when I do my searching
And the Anti-Christ is in my mind
The evolutions lurking
Yeah.. yeah.. yeah..

I can’t I can’t get the f*ck out my head..

I can’t I can’t get the f*ck out my head…

➤ Album: Ugly
Produced by Natra Average & Prxz

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