Xonia feat. Sonny Flame – Jiggling (Music Video)

Lyrics “Jiggling” by Xonia feat Sonny Flame

You can runaway
But you really wanna stay, yeah mmh mmh
Forget about the rules
Let’s disobey the game, yeah yeah

I said hey
You don’t wanna play this game
You don’t really wanna know my name
Cause then you wanna shift the blame

I don’t know who you are
Or what you’re looking for
I don’t know where are
We jiggling jiggling jiggling, jigga

I know you wanna…

➤ Muzica: M&A Music, Yanka, Sancez
Versuri: Sancez, Yanka, Sonny Flame
Orchestratie: M&A Music
Mix/Master: Bunicu Magic

Regie: Anthony Icuagu
MediaPro Music 2017

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