Xonia feat. Sonny Flame – Jiggling | Lyrics Video

Lyrics “Jiggling” – Xonia feat Sonny Flame

You can runaway
But you really wanna stay, yeah mmh mmh
Forget about the rules
Let’s disobey the game, yeah yeah

I said hey
You don’t wanna play this game
You don’t really wanna know my name
Cause then you wanna shift the blame

I don’t know who you are
Or what you’re looking for
I don’t know where are
We jiggling jiggling jiggling, jigga

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I know you wanna…

➤ Muzica: M&A Music, Yanka, Sancez
Versuri: Sancez, Yanka, Sonny Flame
Orchestratie: M&A Music
Mix/Master: Bunicu Magic

Regie: Anthony Icuagu
MediaPro Music 2017

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