Xavier Wulf – Space Punks (Official Video)

Lyrics “Space Punks” by Xavier Wulf

Cage Boy the Cave King, pull up to the scene
Smoking better than wh*ever the f**k you n**gas mean
He mad as f**k, she turned her back to him but chiefing with my team
I’ma teach a b**ch how to be a boss and cut the strings

N**gas falling off, I never cared, I scratch them off
I paid the cost, you n**gas hella lost, I’d rather knock you off
B**ch boy, I’ma scream Ahoy as soon as we deploy
Whole squad full of humanoids, playing, you get toyed, huh

Cop a new pound and then I smoke it with the joint
Starfire kush, I’m smoking on this Beast Boy
You n**gas ain’t getting bread, my pockets full of yeast, boy
Catch it up, you n**gas wack as f**k and don’t amount to nothing

Ice castle magic, can I care to show you something
I be bumping so good, they swear I thought that it was nothing, huh
N**gas false flexing, I see right through their facade versuri.online
Oh my god, you suckers tryhards and still ain’t getting far

I’m still twisting good, what he smoke ain’t up to par
You a grown ass man that still ain’t bought your first car
No room for no excuses, I wake up, I’m getting to it
You a loser, boy, I knew it, ask your b**ch, she said you blew it, huh

Do not get me started, I shut down your whole party
n**gas think I’m slick retarded, I f**k up his whole profit
Who the f**k was who, b**ch, I’m the Wulf, you should’ve knew
Go get a clue, they said I made you and all of that is true, huh

I’m sick of the bulls**t, I’m finna flip and f**king dip
Catch a grip to a n**ga neck, and then I pull and rip
Off the hip goes the blade and then I swing it at your lips
Look at here, I say it every year, don’t get left in tears

To my peers, I’m a pioneer, walking with no fear
In the clear like tequila, take a shot and scream, I’m here
Disappear, little sissy boy, you talk, we cover ears
I’ma put a sucker in his place and leave it how it is
You b**ch…

➤ Written by Xavier Wulf
Album: Battle Star X: Part 1
Produced by Marcelo
Xavier Wulf 2019

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