Wye Oak – Lifer (Lyric Music Video)

Lyrics “Lifer” by Wye Oak

You worry I have given up
Have lost direction for the cause
Have traded thruth for confidence
Went back on all my promises

I am not old but I’ve become
Afraid of things I never was
And stumbling on without a pause
Can only go so long

Did you say that I was the lifer
Did you say that life could be better

It seems to those who know me best
My luck is wild and in excess
I don’t know why some suffer so
And others never fear to go

I won’t reduce myself to air
Undo myself for your affair
I’ve show you everything I am
You choose or not to understand

There is a logic to the rule
The end is kind, the mean is cruel
I have to love the life I make
Make up for all the space I take

Mistaken for an oversight
The absence of my appetite
The source of all my arrogance
I left it up to chance

I believed that I was the lifer
I believed that life could be better

I want to see you rise again
To see life in your eyes again
To feel your pulse is beating strong
To prove all of us wrong

Will you say that you are the lifer
Do you thing that life could be better
Will you say that I am the lifer
Do you thing that life could be better

➤ Album: The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
Wye Oak 2018

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