Wiz Khalifa – Real Rappers Rap | Lyrics 2020

Lyrics Real Rappers Rap – Wiz Khalifa

Remember back when
N**ga rolled up blunts instead of papers
Wasn’t too many haters
Just a couple fools I had problems with
And if I seen ’em, it was a while before I got ’em
But at least I copped ’em
Sunk in my seat, rolling up with some wild ones
Putting n**gas on
We the ones that you got your style from
I was focused on letting the money pile up
Sending it back yo
This pack ain’t loud enough

Hopped in my whip quick
Then turned the volume up
N**gas who talk s**t to me
That’s childish bruh
Instead of hating
Just upgrade your status
Came from nothing
We ain’t taking pacing backwards
Only thing that matters

We all ran from police
Most of us ain’t get captured
Money under the mattress
Roll this joint, I’ma tax it
You wasn’t there
You don’t know what a classic is
Just roll one up
Try your best to imagine this

Just imagine..④
Imagine that..④
Just imagine..④
Imagine that..④

Floating down the street
No cops on the scene
Everyone chilling in peace
Everyone getting their piece

Every father kissing their babies ‘fore they go to sleep
Ain’t no one caring if it’s expensive s**t or if it’s cheap
Everybody fresh so it don’t matter who the cleanest
You could start off small, later turn into a genius

I ain’t just talking
Say it to you ’cause I seen it
N**gas keeping it real
They don’t do it ‘less they mean it
Feel like a renegade from this world
Then my car ain’t neither
Told her she ’bout to fall off
If that broad can’t keep up
Get so high phone turning it off
So them calls can’t receive ’em
Every year I’m setting my goals
And make sure I achieve ’em

Boy I’m here for a reason
Gon’ be going all year
You just had a good season
I work to be that n**ga dog
Don’t just happen to be him
Blowing that weed when I pull up
They get happy to see him
Just relax, roll up, and chief one

Just imagine..④
Imagine that..④
Just imagine..④
Imagine that..④…

➤ Written by Wiz Khalifa
Produced by Big Jerm
Wiz Khalifa | 2020

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