Vory – Madeline’s Interlude | Lyrics

Lyrics “Madeline’s Interlude” – Vory

All I need is one time
Promise this the last time
I’m beggin’ for another chance
I should be a better man
Should take the time I understand
I did you wrong, oh Madeline

I hope time heals everything
They may never feel my pain
Your love feels like never came
Thoughts of you still on my brain

But I’m going up, I’m not the same
Be the first to admit that I ain’t change
Feel like I’m losing ya
All this s**t, s**t I do to ya
I got everything to prove to ya
Girl I think I got too used to ya, yeah

Cut them n**gas out the picture, get ’em out the frame
Learn the way your body function, beat it out the frame
You know that I’m good for that girl, I’m just sayin’
Sex mami, I’m needing it so why you playin’

Oh Madeline and know I..
Just need a second chance with ya, oh
Prove to ya that I can be a better man
Oh Madeline


➤ Produced by Austin Powerz
Album: Lucky Me
Vory 2018