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Lyrics Man As God – Venom Inc.

Sermons of agony
Theatre of hate
Preaching the chapter and verse
Lambs to the slaughter
As you take the bait
Open your eyes to this curse

Walk your path or live their lie
Bow your head and say a prayer
Question only if you dare
Only if you look so will you find

Fueling the fantasy
Feeding the flame
Reaching your hands to the skies
Praise to the deity
All in his name
Still he ignores all your cries

Kneel before me cleanse my soul
Pure of heart and free of sin
Taking all that comes within
Approval from the testament of old

Healing the sickness
Laying your hands
Blowing the wind of your god
Send this disease
To the fires of hell
Nobody questions your word

Seek the truth and you will see
God of mass hysteria
Self induced delirium
Only then will you be truly free

No more living a lie
I turn my back on you
Your existence denied
I see no reason to believe in you

Man as demon
Man as god
Man as angel

➤ Album: There’s Only Black
Venom Inc. | 2022

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