Valeria von Seen – Calm Down June Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Calm Down June – Valeria von Seen

You’re leaving me for the summer
But a new one is coming
And you know how I get with strangers

I sneak around like a delinquent
Like a rat
I’m so hungry, I could eat an arm

Losing my mind in this island town
Far away from all the things I like

Calm down june..③
Calm down june..③

I’m rocking back and forth like a chair
Will somebody sit on my lap
So I can stop looking like a sad clown
Crying at the end of the party
Cause sh!t I said is just not funny

Calm down june..③
Calm down june..③…

➤ Written by Valeria von Seen
Produced by Valeria von Seen
Valeria von Seen | 2023

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