Upchurch – Cargo Head Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics Cargo Head – Upchurch

Captain, nothing seems to be appearing on the radar
I don’t see it
Upchurch is not a rapper so that was like beating up uh, uh
That was like uh, that was like literally a basketball player
Winning in the Special Olympics and then bragging
You can’t really brag about beating Upchurch in a battle
Church, Church, Church, Church

Hey f**kboy if I f**k you anymore you’ll be my f**k toy
Groupies in an uproar ’cause we ain’t on the same floor
Go ahead and call me gay, we know I make you butt sore
Sweaty and played out
Just like a cheap and rugged hump w**re in a dump boy

What you wantin’ dehydrated prick thirsty b**ch
This is why I drive a f**kin’ hearse and s**t
Every verse you spit ain’t got enough turbulence
To even make me shake or twitch
You shoulda been a white girl you basic trick
Kick flip to the X-Game

Review my own roast
Yeah he mad I forgot his stupid ass name
Cremation of a artist, I’ll put his ashes in my pen
I’ll make sure my next album your rap name
And chart higher than you kid
Mr. Blue Jean Face, corduroy, overalls
Hunter green crocs curb stompin’ your glass jaw
Into the asphalt

Sayin’ I ain’t a rapper, you done lost your mind
That’s why when you look at paper
All you jot down is beginner lines
Don’t hang on your own word
You’re self proclaimed in battle
I’m a Mewtwo you’re a Bulbasaur faggot
Yeah I’m pro with the racket
You look like Adidas models
You ain’t got not gas
I’m still layin’ on the throttle

Like wing on that Yamaha
Career chromed way out
I’m flyer than the zipper
On my own damn jeans pal
I would say back down
But that’s a code for Munfu and his mouth
And that’s not how we roll
Hashtag p**sy burnout

Hey gummi worm head
Sister Act lookin’ ass
Sunday school skippin’
‘Cause you scared of Church flames now
Son I got that southern twang
Like gravy on a biscuit
Your crew look like some skinny h*es
With girly hand movements

Is that an MC with bars
Or a gypsy hippy readin’ Tarot cards
With a camouflage scarf on
What the f**k y’all
Nose ring like Rihanna
Dry skin give him some water
I’ma have a baby
Just so you can rap battle my daughter

Yeah you went the wrong way
GPS the nearest Exxon
Before this hillbilly
Does a hex to get you flexed on
I’m worldwide
My legal name is endin’ with a dot com
I’m up beside the church
Top flite with the God bars

I meant to say gold but I took the L out
Your rap sheet look like Tetris
You got too many shapes now
Here’s your third 90 degree angle
You’re startin’ to build a hut now
An L from Clou9 and T-Rev
Damn build a castle

Dissin’ you ain’t even fun
Competition weak
I made my records last week
For 2023
And here you are still cryin’
‘Bout a hella old beef
Take this last L I’ll give you
Stop embarrasin’ your fleet

Before they all leave your page
And come subscribe to me
‘Cause they know I’m goin’ down
As a hip hop OG
You’re exactly what Tom MacDonald
Wrote about and just released
You a cloned motherf**ker
What history Blue Jean

River Rat, thunderbolt like a Pikachu
I already zapped you with a dose
And fried your brain just check YouTube
And here’s a middle finger
And a fourth one for your boyfriend too
I’m glad y’all are still together
You make a really good couple
Tell Munfu to clean his beard
From all that mayonnaise and mustard
Yeah, my cheeks are hella red
But I don’t ever get flustered
Owned by a country star again
Write a song about it motherf**ker

Shoutout to all the reaction pages out there motherf**kers
Shoutout to all my fans and s**t
Hollar boys in this b**ch boy…

➤ Written by Upchurch
Upchurch | 2019