Unaverage Gang ft. Schizo – Wolf Creek Part III Lyrics

Lyrics Wolf Creek Part III – Unaverage Gang ft. Schizo

F**kin with my killas
We all strapped up like some outlaws
Pull up to yo crib, fast as f**k like a Nascar
Break the law, kill ’em all
Break your mothaf**kin jaw
Tortures what I bring into this game
I give it to ’em raw

Sliding thru with Schizo
We murder we getting detrimental
Coming right out of the cemetery
Test me I get temperamental
Step up to my plate
I promise yall n**gas not on my level
I grab the shovel bash your brains out
All praise to the devil
I got the .357
I’m locked and loaded
I keep skeletons inside my closet
from them decomposing

B**ch I’m T.R.I.P.
Wicked sick so f**kin unpredictive
I grab my Glock send a shot
Collect another victim
Creepin out the shadows
I’m crawling out of your attic
Sneak up you when you sleeping
My thoughts are getting erratic
Taking all these bodies
Call me a mothaf**kin addict
B**ch you f**kin the reaper
Taking souls out as I’m laughing

Can you hear the f**ken static
Call em’ out
I’m bout to bring a panic
And it’s not by choice
But my guns are semi automatic
I push limits, I’m findin demons
I call it fate
‘Cause I ain’t f**ken with the same s**t
So call it hate

And I’m goin thru the gate
So you can try to label
All that talk
From a broke b**ch
But I’m stable
Your body missin
And It’s not my jurisdiction
This is real life
Livin out your days like it’s fiction
And ever since
I’ve been tryna make it my mission
My mind goes a mile minute
So what the f**k can you provide
It’s just another demon
Locked down and trapped up inside
You say It’s hard to find
But that p**sy s**t don’t apply

Don’t be comin at me
Puttin all that s**t to the side
And all that bottled up anger
Droppin blood and flies
This s**ts a massacre
Hidin in a crowd of hurt
Yeah, I know I’m not the first
I may seem asleep
But I stay alert

I woke up and had a Kershaw in my abdomen
I was leakin blood all on the curb containin pathogens
Got up on my knees
I crawled my way to where the bathroom is
Started coughin blood
It felt like I was coughin javelins
While ill was lookin back
I’m seein bodies on the on the kitchen stove
Smellin all there flesh and seein bodies in the livin room
I don’t what happened so I hid inside the closet
Shocked in my confusion started diggin in my pockets

Then I found a note that said
You know who really did this s**t
Everybodies dead
So I still question who the victim is
I’m pretty comprehensive
I don’t understand what made me flip
But still can’t comprehend
The reasons why I always f**kin switch

Hellcat in my hands
I check the mag it had an empty clip
Shells around the bodies
Like a scene inside an haunted crypt
Why I am so crazy
That’s the s**t that I don’t understand
But multi personality would justify the way I am…

Unaverage Gang | Schizo | 2023

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