TYuS – Get Down (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics “Get Down” by TYuS

I don’t even know what to call you anymore
It’s like I don’t know your half of me want you
Your other side saying move on, yeah

If I could replace it, I would replace it
I loved you from the start
I didn’t mean to break your heart
Only God knows

Every little thing you ever think
Every little thing that I ever think
‘Cause what you don’t know, it won’t hurt shit
That’s why we all do shit
Oh, I can’t limit, I can’t limit
I.. can’t.. no

I get down, I get down, get down
I get down, get down, oh no
I, get down, get down, get down, get down
I get down, get down, woah

Yeah, switching up the program
I know we both old friends
All she wanna do is hold hands
But I ain’t really with that romance, no

Differences, differences, baby
I was a fool baby
I was a fool baby girl

And I, can admit that the separation is damaging
Said it’s damaging everything that we went through
I never really mean to hurt you
And I know I can’t do
Everything you deserve, oh

I get down
Baby I get down, get down
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Why you always switching up on me, yeah
Why you wanna do, why you wanna do that
Baby you ain’t ever seen, baby you ain’t ever seen, yeah
Blowin’ through them hunnids now, blowin’ through them hunnids now
Don’t switch up when I get the money now…

➤ Album: Phases (EP)
Produced by Hit-Boy
TYuS 2017

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