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Lyrics Nu World Order – Traitors

A bitter man can be a real violent son of a b**ch
All my violent thoughts find their way to the surface
Unspeakable violence with no reprecussions you all got me f**ked up
Reap what you sow you lied your to the top and sold your soul

A world of misery
You know they’ve got you right where they want you
Nailed down in the palm of their hands

You’re all wrapped around their crooked fingers
You continue to deliver
And they continue to linger

The world is crooked
Were puppets on a string
No matter how hard we try
All the good ones still die

They’ve all gotten to their heads
The hate and resentment
Your idols, sold everything for the wrong price

Bend them til they break
If theres a will theres a way
Theres only so much a person can take

So long my blood runs inside my veins
I will expose everyone and everything

Your idols and your prophets
They do it for the profit
They’re bitter from all of their choices
And the little that they make off it

They’re starting to get suspicious
From obvious signs of something malicious
Survival mode makes a human vicious
I’ve witnessed the greatest
So careless and shameless…

➤ Traitors | 2022

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