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Lyrics 1 Hitter – Tory Lanez feat. VV$ Ken

I come through smelling like sex
Ain’t no telling, I flex
F**k that, tell ’em I’m next
Bank emailing my checks
ShadeRoom, tell ’em I flexed

You can never tell I’m stressed
Pack out the mail it’s fresh
Back out on bail, I’m blessed
I’m an original shooter
If you try to boot it my n**gas won’t fail no test


I bought a hard piece
She wanna f**k on these Walmart sheets
Told her, Take me to the mall, please
This deeck deservin’ the Moncler fleece
Brought my brand new b**ch a Maltese
Upgrade her up from that Chrome Hearts piece
Shawty she said that she love me, she thuggin’
No matter, no what and no budget
She ballin’, she f**kin’, I got it regardless

She finna say I’m the hardest
He bet not play at the party
I make my way to his shawty, bop
She like the way that I walk
She say that I’m gnarly
All in that kitchen I’m cheffin’
I just done bought me an FN
Don’t need no stepper, I’m steppin’
All in my drawer where I kept it
He thought he was sure but I left him

Ayy, damn, I’m goin’ nuts on designer
None of my cuts are from China
Boy, where the f**k did you find ’em
Fresh in this Dolce Gabbana
You’d think that I come with some powder
Hop in the Mazzi, ride it then pop out like tada
You know my h*es by the day that they Prada
B**ch I’m a day to day shotta
I go do the race like I’m Tay-K, in case if I gotta, ayy

She say I’m way too conceited
I pull up and f**k on lil’ mama and beat it
I go grab another lil’ b**ch and repeat it
She wanted to suck it as soon as we meetin’, that’s crazy
Just went and bought a Mercedes
I’m pullin’ up smooth on the ladies
AMG Benz, it’s the latest, I hit it like Ali
She said I’m the greatest


I f**ked on that p**sy but we never dated
They say I look like I got it
Gucci on down to the wallet
I know they play ‘fore they call it
Spinnin’ out, dumpin’, I’m shootin’
The day that they thought it
I used to swipe, I’m way too gangster to type it
I’m under his nose when I wipe it
She under my nuts and she chewin’

Her boyfriend keep callin’ her phone
Tryna see what she doin’, he lame
Ayy, it’s all part of the game
I’m thuggin’, you know how I came
Imma stay true to the game
If a n**ga get hot, Imma put out a flame
I only spend bread on my main
I’m on a mission to kill ’em
I catch ’em, with lead Imma fill ’em
I know that he dead how I did ’em
They told ’em take off ‘fore I hit ’em
I caught ’em, I shot ’em, I peel ’em, he dead…

➤ Written by VV$ Ken & Tory Lanez
Album: Loner
Produced by Crunch Beats, Orlando tha Great, Ice Melodies & Chaz Jackson
Tory Lanez | VV$ Ken | 2021

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