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Lyrics No More Parties In LA – Tory Lanez

Popped a pill, now it feel right
You know how to make it feel right, yeah
LAX for the flight
California dreamin’ for the night, yeah

She’s ’bout to party in L.A
She’s got the molly in her drink
She can hardly hear me when I say
Please, no more parties in L.A., yeah
She gon’ have this s**t her way
Always at the party, that’s the play
Wonder if she hear me when I say
Please, no more parties in L.A.

Cash drippin’ out the Range truck
Got some change and then you changed up
Talkin’ to me like you can’t be f**ked with
You f**ked me once, you still the same f**k
You be running ’round the city wildin’
S**t be goin’ down, don’t care to hide it
Got me running ’round the city toxic
I hope you don’t notice me

Me in V.I.P got me wildin’
Phone on DND, don’t f**k the vibe up
Party TNT, there’s no survivors
She done lots of tea, got no attire
She came in for molly, X and Oxy’
But she wants to top me hella sloppy
P**sy fire as hot than the tropic
She don’t get acknowledged when she top me off

Never acknowledge f**k s**t a fake
Faded top, I wouldn’t boss up, great
All that talking s**t is for the jakes
In L.A. it’s drugs to the face
She done took a couple to the face
How much more drugs do it take
To never hit another party out in L.A

I know you don’t wanna do L.A. no more..③
I know you don’t wanna do L.A. no more..③

Yeah, bass
Pretty bad b**ch with the face
Shawty, right there, I need a case
Case of the ‘Migo, case of the ’42
Shawty, right there, I need the Ace
Wild out time when you like that, uh
Sex too good just to type that
I don’t condone doin’ no pills
But you do it with a thrill every time that you bite back
Cali, the valley, the scores in Italy
The pure lookin’ h*es still f**k like h*es in the alley
I take ’em to the function and send ’em to the bros for the alley

I’m gettin’ down in the bathroom
Someone knock, knock at the door
N**ga, stop cockblockin’
We in Beverly Hills, somebody party
I’m f**kin’ me a white b**ch at the hot topic
One thing that a young n**ga, is these b**ches they come, they go
Monday through Sunday, Friday, Friday through Sunday, yo
She tellin’ me she want some of my pocket
I must be lookin’ like I’m one day old
The b**ch said she would never give a threesome
I told you, I’ll get it one day, ho

I know you don’t wanna do L.A. no more..③
I know you don’t wanna do L.A. no more..③…

➤ Written by Tory Lanez
Album: Sorry 4 What
Tory Lanez | 2022

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