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Lyrics Motorboat – Tory Lanez

Yeah, and I’m straight off the motorboat
I got b**ches they goin’ for goin’ dope
Break it down and then sell the brick door to door
Pour a four on my b**ch and then roll it up
I got the Ac’ in so you know I’m goin’ up

I got rich and these n**gas start actin’ like b**ches
But if it’s a fade we can throw it up
I got rich and my baby mama started trippin’
Like I did when she started throwin’ up
Had to shine like the chain, when it’s glowin’ up
I’m gang and I’m goin’
You know that if I gotta banger I’m blowin’


I’m straight off the motorboat
F**k the strip club that s**t had me goin’ broke
Got a family to feed, I can’t damage my seed
And be throwin’ this money on so and so

I got n**gas that’s with me, they gang and the gang
We f**k with gorillas, no feelings, no hang-ups
Some n**gas is talking that they don’t f**k with us
But why is you n**gas still chillin’ and hangin’
I’m back and we gang and we gangin’
My monkeys orangun-a-tangin’
They look like the Klan with the bandanas hanging
Remember the places they left me abandoned

I had to drop off the top, I’ll never be stranded
I roll with my b**ches, she realer than n**gas
I roll of up the gravel and thicken the swishers
And I’ma get mine off the motorboat
You know we go and go
You know it’s toe to toe
I got the .44, boy, you a baby, you know you lil’ Jodi Jo
What the f**k you think I did on nights when I ain’t had it
I had to act like it was crack but I sold ’em soap

I had it hard for real
They don’t know nights when I starved for real
Felt the rejection from all of my people
From all of them nights that I scarred for real
Nice that I slept in this coupe with the partners
Don’t ever know what this s**t took when we got it
P**sy n**gas, I was steppin’ to take in the revenue
But I clocked in with the box
I’d rather buy me a brick and then buss it
Before I go buy a random b**ch a Birkin
I’m on the strip and I click and clutch it
In case these n**gas wanna try me in person


Tell me how you wanna go ’bout it
Got the Bentley, I’m whippin’ the soul out it
This the new and your s**t was the old body
Got the black youngstas with the money bags
And the set in, I’m feelin’ like Yo Gotti

I was down on my dick, spent all my time on the strip
I couldn’t buy me a whip but I had b**ches to drive me and s**t
N**gas they left me to die in this s**t
But I’m back to the corner and I’m buyin’ this s**t
I’m so rich that I f**ked ’round and buy me a b**ch
My left wrist so rocky, my right wrist on glacier, I’m applyin’ the drip

Go run the service up, I was raised ’round the killers and murderers
In the back of the X6, double R
You know that I’m raisin’ the curtain up, we ’bout to burn it up
I got the plating inside the b**ch and you know I’m gon’ burn it up
We got to poppin’ and lighted the kernel up
I’m on a mission to get it lil’ b**ch, I do not want to cuddle up, nah

I just got tired of bein’ f**kin’ broke
I just got tired of sleepin’ on the floor
I had to face it, I was all alone
I had to run and go and get the dough
The shooters run an go and hit the floor
I want the Lamborghini truck
Switched the feelin’, get this s**t for the low, uh..②…

➤ Written by Tory Lanez
Album: Loner
Produced by Basobeats, Crunch Beats & Chaz Jackson
Tory Lanez | 2020

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