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Lyrics Mine Still (Freestyle) – Tory Lanez

How did I let you play me when I’m wavy
I done made examples of Tracy and Stacy
B**ch, you never loved me, you just loved what I came with
We one and the same, I only liked you ’cause you famous
Can’t lie, it was a good time when I met you
Can’t lie, we f**ked, good time when I stretch ya
Can’t lie I know I said you miss me come kiss me
Jump in that, ooeey, get Goofy, no Disney

Turn to your left, goes, the sex to your left side
Heat make her nauseous
Baby know that sex be the best when it’s toxic
I know you had a good time with that n**ga


But just like Dex say
I know you haffi bring it to the young now
Badmon persona
Tonguing in that p**sy making sure that you a goner
I’ma spin that p**sy like a motherf**king doughnut
And I’m not gon’ stop f**king until you catch your nut
Until you go nuts
Until that clit cream shows up
And you say sho’nuff

I was on some, Less emotion more sex, let’s grown up
I did not realize the s**t that I was doing so f**ked up
Casamigos, she got me jealous and it’s tripping off my ego
That’s how we go, weed by the D go, I stroke your ego
Then you drop down and give me deep throat
Tongue sweet though, gave her head
And then my bed sheets was sheets soaked
Off lil’ mama got me stuck, lil’ mama

Am I too, I let you come in when you toxic
Know how much you do and it go up it ain’t gon’ stop s**t
All my friends told me you a dub and you was not s**t
But I never listened, I was blind by the thought

Ayy, now that s**t is crazy, money long as Jay-Z
Girl, I knew you back when you was shopping at the Macy’s
Now you moving famous, it don’t even make sense
P**sy cost a pretty penny now, plus it pays rent
How did we fall out love It don’t make sense
How did we fall out love Girl them days went
Listen to me


So if I ever get to f**k you one more time
Baby I’ll make it better
It better
F**k what they say, you’re mine still
You’re mine still
F**k what they say, you’re mine still
You’re still mine

I even took you out on shopping out at the mall…

➤ Written by Nate Rhoads & Tory Lanez
Produced by Nate Rhoads
Tory Lanez | 2021

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