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Lyrics Boss – Tory Lanez

Except for when my baby mama think I’m scammin’ her
I’m on the run from bein’ broke and I got stamina
Said I’ma f**k some good p**sy, I got stamina

I’m goin’ through some s**t, you see the damages
My lil’ n**gas catchin’ bullets and I can’t balance it
.50 on that scope, I play the analyst
And if it’s f**k boys in my squad, then I’ma handle it


Angels on my body, watch my back like analyst
Learned that I can’t trust her if she move too scandalous
Selfies in the trap, ayy, my dawg, who’s mans is this
We don’t need no flicks of this c0caine or cannabis

I’ma hit the jeweler, ice my neck and my wrist
I’ma do my ears too, f**k it, and the fists
Caught up on the stakeout, f**k, who’s plan is this
C0caine in my route, I know the cops done planted this

I had to leave my main b**ch for my side piece
While I’m on this road, I need no emotions beside me
Only loyal b**ches that ain’t caught in s**t besides me
You play, I’ll probably leave you too, n**ga, don’t try me

Pray to God early in the mornin’
Then I make 230 off the corner
The trap house was singin’ like dinos for money
They almost caught me slippin’
But I caught it like I’m Tony


I’m an all organic flexer, ain’t no flexin’ with me
Sexy b**ches got a lecture and the lecture’s with me
I drop a block, the drug dealer’s playin’ Tetris with me
I got to ask in case you n**gas got some tension with me
My main chick know I’m cheatin’ and I’m lyin’ to her
Sometimes she call me out, like what you tryna do
I told her I flew out, but I was lyin’ too
I just had my other b**ch fly in and she was slidin’ thru

I don’t want my b**ch no more, I think I’m over it
How many times am I gon’ slide off in her ovaries
How many times and I gon’ take her on them same dates
Until she find some other guy that she put over me

I’ma love that b**ch for three months and then
I’ma cut her off
And for that whole three
I swear that I’ma stunt her off
New chain, new earring, f**k the cost
And when it’s done
I give it to my next b**ch

➤ Written by Tory Lanez
Album: Loner
Produced by Tank God
Tory Lanez | 2020

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