Thundermother – Borrowed Time Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Borrowed Time – Thundermother

Lights go out the show is over
Cut the cord and shut it down
A flashlight shows me off the stage
And I wave goodbye

Grab a beer and talk it over
It winds me down and takes the edge off
Did I do it like I should have
Did I do enough
Did I do enough

We’ve been here before
Many times around
Shakes me to the core
Every single night
And I want to live forever
But I know it’s just a lie
It’s just borrowed time

Shaking hands with random people
Taking photos left and right
Even though my makeup is cracking
I always smile
I always smile…

➤ Written by Emlee Johansson, Johan Randén
Album: Black and Gold
Produced by Søren Andersen
Thundermother | 2022

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