Through Fire – Lose It Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Lose It – Through Fire

I try to be the voice
That rises up above the noise
In the madness, in the static
I try to hold it all together as it falls apart
We dismantle what we can’t handle
We’re polarized from every side

When did everybody lose it
Everything we used to be
Humanity, our sanity, our dignity
When did everybody give up
When did everybody turn on me
I’m sick of it
Nobody wins
I’m over it
When did everybody lose it
I’m about to lose it

I’m buried by the weight
Infected by the fear and hate
It’s contagious, all this rage is
Feeding the dark
Were we dead from the start
Your Demons are my disease

All I see is total chaos
All I hear is logic lost
All these souls with hell to pay off
Evil all around
I won’t let you take me down
Won’t let you take me down…

➤ Album: Devil’s Got You Dreamin’
Through Fire | 2023

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