The Weather Station – Impossible | Lyrics

Lyrics “Impossible” – The Weather Station

I found that I was angry
In the cool of the day
All the tall trees swaying
All I did not to say
Though I managed all the details
And I made all those phone calls
And I wrote out all the e-mails
And straightened out the front hall
It don’t matter, it made no difference

All through our disagreement
There was a cardinal on the fence
Put no walls around me
I will lay the stones myself
And lay down with my body
But give nothing else
Still living with the feeling
Pent up in my chest
My old lifelong companion
The one I know best


Well, I guess I got the hang of it, the impossible
You could say I moved right in with it, the impossible

You knew I felt unnatural in the blue light of dawn
I left the house in shadow
And my mind went on and on
On the long spool of the highway
Strange fragments of song
And all I can’t get my way
Everything that’s still wrong

Oh, I guess I got the hang of it, the impossible
And I walk the endless boundaries of it
Just to know what you can’t ever have
What is light, what shadow
I guess I always wanted the impossible

In time I learned to rest on the fevered pitch
The change was so relentless, no time to get used to it
I had to get so ruthless
To cut right down to the quick
To wake at 6 AM and go along with all of it
But still I was so sensitive
I could hardly even stand your simple acts of kindness
The gentle pressure of your hand
Glimpsed from the ferry, green swaths of land
Sleeping on the floor, I felt the ocean’s movement…


➤ Produced by The Weather Station
Album: The Weather Station
The Weather Station 2018

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