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Lyrics Tobacco Sunburst – The Neighbourhood

Left with a black eye
That was the worst I’ve felt
In a long long time
I caught a red eye
Back to the West side
In the Tobacco Sunburst sky

Looked in those brown eyes
Thought I found myself
Damn, it’s been a while

Lookin’ in your blue eyes
Never knew I’d lose myself
In the Tobacco Sunburst sky, I
I, I, I, oh I

I’ll turn a blind eye
Lookin’ on the bright side now
Hell, I’ll give it a try
Lookin’ in your green eyes
Never knew I’d need your help

I don’t want to wait, any more time
Any more time
Watсhin’ those flames burn bright
Burn bright

I don’t want to wait, any more time
Any more time
Sick of watchin’ those days roll on by…

➤ Written by Danny Parra, Brandon Fried, Mikey Margott, Zach Abels, Jesse & Jeremy Freedman
Album: Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones
Produced by The Neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood | 2020

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