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Lyrics Initiative – The Murlocs

Red faces at the drug front nursery
Buying bouquets relationship up in flames
Will she take me back, I can’t say
Will I ever change my ways

Yeah all my friends they got it wrapped up in a ribbon
High school sweethearts, graduated smitten
Bought a block out Taylors lakes
Forever ball and chains

Scared, scared of commitment
But I’m gonna go for it, show a little initiative
Well I’m an old dog, you can’t teach me new tricks
I bite the hand that feeds me and like a ton of bricks I’m
Pummelling down, can’t get my head around
These adult leaps and bounds

Suburban snake pit
Time is of the essence better get a move on
Pay it back on credit
Stoner alcoholic, no end game
Never any plans made

Burn the candle at both ends to the core
Melt the midnight oil and work like a dog
You’re always the one overthinking
But you just need to breathe and make a decision

I’m as a mad as a hatter
Officially off my rocker
But hey, I couldn’t be gladder
I’m just lucky to still be here singing

Scared, scared of commitment
But I’m gonna go for it
Show a little initiative…

➤ Written by Cal Shortal & Ambrose Kenny-Smith
The Murlocs | 2023

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