The Hellfreaks – Weeping Willow Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Weeping Willow – The Hellfreaks

Silence, take me to go
I’m under the weeping willow
No dove would find me so low
Silence, send me a crow

My memories are more alive than I am
I’m haunted by my own mind
I try to walk forward, but I’m not
Because my back is facing the front

Silence, let me hear your growl
There is no one else I could call
I feel way too good in a room
Without a single door

Silence, send me a crow
Under the weeping willow
Come down, dig it out, go low
Take the last piece of my soul

I can’t, I can’t remember
I try to recall it so hard
What was, what was the fuel in my goddamn heart
Was it the story that,
The story that never ends
Or the one that never, the one that never starts

Today, today my forest is dark
How are you, f**k you, this won’t revive the spark
But I’m fine, sure, I’m fine
This is my favorite lie
Sometimes I need to die for a short while
Sometimes I need to die
I need to die
I need to die…

➤ Written by Gábor Domján, Zsuzsa Radnóti, Dániel Szebényi, József Takács
The Hellfreaks | 2023

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