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Lyrics “West Side” – Jayceon “The Game” Taylor

Step off the porch, rag hangin’, West Side that’s what we bangin’
Crucifix swingin’ off my t-shirt, twistin’ my fingers
Impala Off-White, ski mask all black
Adidas tracksuit, drawstrings, chokin’ the MAC

Got a couple bullets in it, gangstas slide in the rented
Dumpin’ out the window, f**k the world and everything in it
I’m a West Side n**ga, ego trippin’ and walkin’ fast
Listenin’ so we talkin’ in codes to keep ’em off us

Dre gon’ tote it, thirty-six shots
Don Julio got me loaded, don’t think I’m not
Go mob on n**gas, mob figures, mob triggers
Don’t get your punk ass killed on Instagram Live, n**ga
My n**gas rob n**gas, bury you alive
Let the bullets live inside n**gas, ain’t nowhere to hide
It’s survival of the fittest, boy, you f**kin’ with the realest
Glock nine, blue steel, holster wrap the chinchilla

West Side, West Side
West Side, West Side..④

Ain’t no S on my chest
Just the West on my back
Born in trenches with the crack
Swallow dope, s**t the sack
If you frontin’ it, come back
If I front, you bring it back
Turn a bird to a Benz
Park a Benz by the trap
Let ’em raid, we gon’ flush
If you snitchin’, you get touched

Tell my mama I’m on the run, not givin’ a f**k
Who want what, I put a team together, smash out
Set you up, send a b**ch over with her ass out
In California, we got them pictures n**gas map out
In California, we turn a mansion to a stash house
I f**k around and leave a dub and they O.D. tonight
You in good hands, you know the Bloods gon’ treat you right
Ain’t tryna be your man, no, I don’t trust ’em, I just beat it right
Gotta put her in a Uber just so I could sleep at night
Never stop bangin’, n**ga, you know it’s still Cedar, right
After this album, n**ga, I gotta raise the feature price

West Side, West Side
West Side, West Side..④…

➤ Music: Wallis Lane, Big Duke, Prince
Lyrics: Jayceon “The Game” Taylor
Album: Born 2 Rap
Produced by Wallis Lane, Big Duke, Prince
The Game (Jayceon Terrell Taylor) | 2019

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