The Avalanches – Because I’m Me (Music Video)

The Avalanches performing Because I’m Me (Music Video 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics)  Because I’m Me 

If she don’t love me, what can I do  
Just put on my best paἰr of shoes 
Because I’m me 
Because she said.. he’s the one that drill the charms 
Honey let’s go wrong  
I just want to know what’s wrong with me
Being in love with you 

Yeah.. 9th grade had the jingles of the swinging rainbow jacket 
Law slain go only Django 
Snap he accomplished  
That’s where my props go 
That’s where my pops went 
See my percentage is a pennant to the planet 
Knock it out the ball park, Frankie 
I should not tire this tire 
To a better love, let the wings spread 
It’ll always come back, baby 
Come back, shellac black, baby 
A come back, flat black paint on a Chevy 

If she don’t love me, what can I do  
Just put on my best pair of shoes 
Because, I’m I’m me 
Because I’m me 
Because I’m me 
Because I’m me, I’m me 

Never mind my tone when I told Pretty Tony 
Listen to my tone, you ain’t catchin’ you a Tony 
Award-winning walk when you running with a shottie 
Why you running from us
Why you messing with us
We ain’t got no guns, we just let the bears witness 
The Grizzly, maybe Polar 
You ain’t ready, you ain’t ready ‘ready rolled up 
Pullἰng a machete, cut the bamboo paper 
And let’s roll out baby 

I just want to know 
What’s wrong with me…

➤ Director: Greg Brunkalla
Cinematographer: Max Goldman
Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer
Production Company: Stinkfilm And Walter Pictures 2016