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Lyrics Autonomy Shop – Thank You, I’m Sorry

I’m not running, I just don’t know what to say
And I’m not leaving yet, but I’m not sure if I want to stay
I’m staring at your picture, but I don’t think I like the frame
While I’m watching your favorite movies, but the scenes don’t feel the same

You’re not sorry, you just don’t like that I’m upset
I dare you to tell me I’m playing victim, that it’s all just in my head
Tell me I’m making this all up, it doesn’t matter that much
I guess you’re right, you never f**k things up
Just me

You earned the power of self-respect

So f**k your problems, it’s not my deal to make you feel good
You should treat me like a person, I’m sure that you could
I’m sick of your excuses, they all make me feel like sh!t
Keep me drowning in the deep end and I’m f**king sick of it…

➤ Written by Abe Anderson, Bee Schreiner, Colleen Dow & Sage Livergood
Album: Growing in Strange Places
Produced by Abe Anderson
Thank You, I’m Sorry | 2023

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