$teven Cannon – Dripped Out (Official Music Video)

$teven Cannon performing Dripped Out (Official Music Video 2016)

Versuri (lyrics)  Dripped Out

If a ni*ga talk then he won’t get the message
Squeezin’ on the booty like i’m ambidextrous
Really want a bi*ch that can xan and netflix
Five minutes in i got an erection

N*ggas bite the hand that hold the fu*king spoon
She been off the xans and the fu*king shrooms
N*ggas talkin’ down on they own platoon
Trappin’ ’til it’s gone, i’ll be done by noon

Servin’ all these fiends all this antitode
My wrist is super clean it is drowned in soap
I ain’t mlk, i ain’t sellin’ hope
Whole brick, half a brick, bi*ch i’m sellin’ dope

Focus on my dick, focus on my dick
I’ma rob a bi*ch, i don’t give a shit
I ain’t never scared, i’ve been hittin’ licks
I don’t want the pic ‘less she showin’ tits

Dunks on a whip look like yao ming
Japanese engine look like chow mein
I couldn’t tell my mama that her child lay
So i moved a baby brick, then i found fame

Glock 45, fully loaded beam
I fu*k her from the side she think it’s a dream
Chain from the freezer, poppa said you been
Pirates and some pots, wrist a triple beam

She thinkin’ that i love her, thinkin’ that i love her
B*tches get so happy when you use a rubber
I’m coolin’ in the gutter, it’s like peanut butter
Ain’t no room for acting jealous, she like my dick better

Coolin’ in the coupe, i just dropped a deuce
Lick’ll get her loose, then she play with zeus
To get that new corvette, i had to jump through hoops
Drop another xan in my fu*king juice

You say you running chain but i ain’t seein nothin’
I can do it with my hands, whip up a dmw
Trappin’, now i’m rappin’ i won’t flex my gun
Even though your pussy tight, baby i won’t love you…