Terra BLVCK & Dekay feat. M.I.M.E – Stacks (Lyrics)

Lyrics “Stacks” by Terra BLVCK & Dekay feat. M.I.M.E

Holy Moly, I’m extra lit
We the top she next to it
No time to talk I got neck to get
My life’s good, no hate on it

Nights long, drugs strong
Blast off I’m gone
Do right, done wrong
Devil on my left like come on

Took two more f*ck it
I ain’t ever coming down
Defence up while I reign now
I am the one wit game now

Rush takeover no pain now
Aim on point insane style
All of you f*ckas are lame childs
Never the less I embodied the best

And I bodied the rest and became wild
I get props on props for my drops on drops
Chips on chips for my hits on hits
Get racks on racks for my tracks on tracks
Piled up neat thats stacks on stacks…

➤ Terra BLVCK & Dekay feat. M.I.M.E 2018

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